Okay. Lesson Remembered

I have got to stop engaging with my brother on Video games, movies or anything else because I never get to talk about anything that I want to talk about. He has this bullshit way of making the discussion about him and no one else. Right now, I mentioned the Mass Effect 3 ending issue and he turns that into a argument about how you need to pay 800 dollars to get everything available from Day one. He then got onto the soapbox about how that should not happen. Then he was done talking about it because apparently all he wanted to do was get vindication for his points and that is it. The worse part is that I’ve given him some good point that he could not argue against and he dismissed them all away.

For some reason, he implied that I was part of the problem. The ass hole thinks that because I simply do not care as much as he does, I am causing the problems in the modern gaming industry.  He sees the world in  black and white cry baby manner. He wants it, therefore its should be available to him.

Sorry, but I am not the problem in this. He is the problem in this debate. He thinks only in one black and white manner and has this all or nothing childish mentality.  They either give me everything available for free or They did not do what was and we must boycott it.

Just like real life, there are grey areas in this debate. How does getting all of the Mass Effect 3 swag affect the gameplay at all?  Not being able to play as the Prothian does not affect the gameplay one bit. Not being able to get the cool modded armor does not affect the gameplay. Not getting access to certain areas of the universe does not affect the storyline.

What was promised. A Story: that was is. Everything else is extra, simply like tie in merchandise.

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