On Hellblazer.

After attaining 300 issues Hellblazer’s finally cancelled. This news came as a shock to people that wanted the series to go on forever. 

How do I feel about that? I have no feelings one way or another about it actually. I’ve read only a handful of Hellblazer story arcs over the years and they did not strike me as all that memorable. I never felt cheated reading them, but I don’t remember them.


I am at a loss as to why people want this series around. As near as I can tell, it’s a tremendous amount of selfishness in the readers. A lot of them were reading Hellblazer in the 90s when it was the hip an innovative comic book and Vertigo was the hip imprint. Back then, a lot of names in the industry got their start in it. Grant Morrison had a stint on the series, so did Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Tim Bradstreet, and other names in the comic book industry. Every good writer of a British persuasion had a stint on Hellblazer. The problem is that is not the case anymore. For the last 100 or so issues, Hellblazer had terrible writers and the fans were not shy about letting DC know about it in the form of vitriolic rants online and through lackluster sales. 

Did it have good stories? Yes, once upon a time. The thing is that he’s not having good stories anymore. His time has come and he should go out gracefully. 



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Self Conscious again

Once again, probably because of the illness or because of the depression, I’m starting to feel self conscious about my writing. It could just very well be that i’m not as awesome as I thought I was.

This is the one thing that I’ve told my brother often that you should not be afraid of rejection. For most of the time, I’m not afraid of it. I live for it and I thrive off of it. I know that each rejection letter gets me one step closer to my overall goal of becoming a freelance writer.

Every thing in life is a learning experience and I still have a lot of learning to do.

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Footloose 2012

After seeing the 2012 Footloose remake last night, I honestly can’t see what the big deal is. Is it because it is a remake and therefore evil by existing? 

All in all it is not a movie to get worked up over. My complaint of the movie is that is too much like the original. While it did try to update some of the events, it did preserve most of the plot and remaking some of the iconic scenes in exacting detail. 

Also, while the inclusion of the songs from the first movie was a good move in my estimation, giving them a rockabilly twang does not work for me.

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The Legend of Korra

I have to say that this not my favorite series so far.  I tend to hate things that are way too serious.

The previous series was happy in overall tone and mood. It had some downer moments, but it was mostly upbeat. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph were upbeat people that remembered to have a good time whenever they needed to.

The Legend of Korra starts off in a downer way and it does not let up from there. Korra wants to be the youngest avatar to master the elements, apart from Aang. Having skewed priorities from the get go will lead to trouble down the line.

I’ll probably hold my judgment until later on in the series.

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The Correct order nonsense.

Firefly was cancelled because no one watched it. That is the answer to the million dollar question. It was not because of some correct order nonsense. It was not because of some executive meddling. Nor was it because the target audience went out on a Friday night.

Did it deserve to be cancelled? In my summation, yes it did. The show forgot to have a goal it was building up towards. I can tell you that there were a ton of shows took the same amount of episodes and remembered to have a compelling storyline, interesting characters, and a coherent vision.

The main problem with the show is the not clever dialog. I hate cutesy self referential dialog.

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Tropico 2

Well, over he last few weeks, I’ve been playing Tropico 2, a game that  I purchased from Good Old Games, a website devoted to bringing back the worthy old games to a modern audience.

The game is alright. The graphics are okay enough not to make me cringe and gag when looking at them. It works on the primitive setup I have on my net book and since I’ve been staying up all night anyway, it gives me something to do on those restless nights when I am not working on my freelance writing stuff.

Other News:

I’ve sent out 5 applications to websites looking for writers. This makes my grand total about 15. So far, only one or two have responded back. I just need to keep doing the leg work, accept rejection and move on with my life.

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Feeling like Shit still

For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been feeling terrible. My ability to focus has been impaired. My ability to see straight is also gone. My ability to think straight is long gone.

I have been looking for writing leads, but I am missing that killer instinct that separates me from everyone else.

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