On Hellblazer.

After attaining 300 issues Hellblazer’s finally cancelled. This news came as a shock to people that wanted the series to go on forever. 

How do I feel about that? I have no feelings one way or another about it actually. I’ve read only a handful of Hellblazer story arcs over the years and they did not strike me as all that memorable. I never felt cheated reading them, but I don’t remember them.


I am at a loss as to why people want this series around. As near as I can tell, it’s a tremendous amount of selfishness in the readers. A lot of them were reading Hellblazer in the 90s when it was the hip an innovative comic book and Vertigo was the hip imprint. Back then, a lot of names in the industry got their start in it. Grant Morrison had a stint on the series, so did Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Tim Bradstreet, and other names in the comic book industry. Every good writer of a British persuasion had a stint on Hellblazer. The problem is that is not the case anymore. For the last 100 or so issues, Hellblazer had terrible writers and the fans were not shy about letting DC know about it in the form of vitriolic rants online and through lackluster sales. 

Did it have good stories? Yes, once upon a time. The thing is that he’s not having good stories anymore. His time has come and he should go out gracefully. 



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