Movies I’ve Seen the Last Few Days

Well, I was not feeling like doing a lot of things for my blog, my freelance writing, or anything else, so I’ve been looking at movies instead. I think that I’ve watched 12 movies in the last few days,  but I can only remember a few of them.

Here are some of the more recent ones that I’ve seen so far that I can remember.

Class of 1999 part 2. The movie itself is not terrible. It kind of implies that the stuff that happened in the movie was something of a mental illness. The killer robot in the movie is actually a shell shocked veteran that went crazy.

Samurai princess. Boring movie. It promised a lot of over the top action, but did not really deliver that in the movie.

Subliminal Seduction:  A good movie. Somewhat forgettable.

Lady Snowblood :  This movie was fun. Not really good, or great, but fun. A lot of the shot compositions for this movie was burrowed heavily by Tarantino for Kill Bill.

Black Scorpion Essentially a Batman take off, where the main character is actually a scorned woman seeking revenge. The movie feels like a comic book and that is not a bad thing sometimes.

Zoom:  What if the Flash retired and became a bitter old man? He acts as the mentor to a new group of heroes and starts to train them. The movie is not terrible, certainly better than Sky High.

Well that is all that I can remember so far. I’e seen plenty of these movies and I need to spend more time writing.

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