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Sorest Bunch of Winners I’ve seen.

Right now, I am wondering why I should call myself a gamer. This whole Ending debate is getting to be very annoying.

The Debate right now is meaningless to me. Mass Effect 3 people that complained about the ending and demanded it changed got their way and that is not good enough apparently. The winning side  of the argument is acting like immature little babies and refuse to let it go.

I guess that I should type out more, but I cannot at the moment. I am tired and need to work on getting more freelance gigs.


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Okay. Lesson Remembered

I have got to stop engaging with my brother on Video games, movies or anything else because I never get to talk about anything that I want to talk about. He has this bullshit way of making the discussion about him and no one else. Right now, I mentioned the Mass Effect 3 ending issue and he turns that into a argument about how you need to pay 800 dollars to get everything available from Day one. He then got onto the soapbox about how that should not happen. Then he was done talking about it because apparently all he wanted to do was get vindication for his points and that is it. The worse part is that I’ve given him some good point that he could not argue against and he dismissed them all away.

For some reason, he implied that I was part of the problem. The ass hole thinks that because I simply do not care as much as he does, I am causing the problems in the modern gaming industry.  He sees the world in  black and white cry baby manner. He wants it, therefore its should be available to him.

Sorry, but I am not the problem in this. He is the problem in this debate. He thinks only in one black and white manner and has this all or nothing childish mentality.  They either give me everything available for free or They did not do what was and we must boycott it.

Just like real life, there are grey areas in this debate. How does getting all of the Mass Effect 3 swag affect the gameplay at all?  Not being able to play as the Prothian does not affect the gameplay one bit. Not being able to get the cool modded armor does not affect the gameplay. Not getting access to certain areas of the universe does not affect the storyline.

What was promised. A Story: that was is. Everything else is extra, simply like tie in merchandise.

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Movies I’ve Seen the Last Few Days

Well, I was not feeling like doing a lot of things for my blog, my freelance writing, or anything else, so I’ve been looking at movies instead. I think that I’ve watched 12 movies in the last few days,  but I can only remember a few of them.

Here are some of the more recent ones that I’ve seen so far that I can remember.

Class of 1999 part 2. The movie itself is not terrible. It kind of implies that the stuff that happened in the movie was something of a mental illness. The killer robot in the movie is actually a shell shocked veteran that went crazy.

Samurai princess. Boring movie. It promised a lot of over the top action, but did not really deliver that in the movie.

Subliminal Seduction:  A good movie. Somewhat forgettable.

Lady Snowblood :  This movie was fun. Not really good, or great, but fun. A lot of the shot compositions for this movie was burrowed heavily by Tarantino for Kill Bill.

Black Scorpion Essentially a Batman take off, where the main character is actually a scorned woman seeking revenge. The movie feels like a comic book and that is not a bad thing sometimes.

Zoom:  What if the Flash retired and became a bitter old man? He acts as the mentor to a new group of heroes and starts to train them. The movie is not terrible, certainly better than Sky High.

Well that is all that I can remember so far. I’e seen plenty of these movies and I need to spend more time writing.

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New Dr. Horrible Sequel

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, the project that Joss Whedon wrote in 2008 when the writers went on strike, is getting a sequel. It was a three episode wbe series chronicling the rise of Dr. Horrible to his prominence as one of the League of Villains.

Apparently, Whedon is working with all the people from the first series. Nathan Fillion, Niel Patrick Harris and Felicia Day are coming back for this version. I am not sure how, seeing that 1/3 of the cast died in it.

I probably would see it, because it is one of the few things Whedon did that is worth my time and energy. Not a fan of Firefly, Dollhouse, or Astonishing X-Men. Love Buffy, Angel, and Serenity.

That being said, I’d much rather see a  revised Dr. Horrible. I like the first one and I want to see the longer version, with two more acts and a more fleshed out scenario.

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Useful, not wanted

When I get really tired, I tend to get really depressed. I do not know why that happens, but it does.  Right now, I am really not liking  where I’m at right now. I want to be any place other than here. It does not matter where it is. As long as I can get internet access so I can conduct my business, I should do fine.

my brother finds me useful. He told me that he needs me. He never said that he likes me, or tolerates me or anything of the sort. He needs me and that is about it.

I really have not learned how to cope with my emotions. I really have not.

So far, I’ve been looking for leads for writing. Now that my Linkedin profile has been updated, I can start requesting some of my friends and family as references.

Something positive,

15 articles at  Paid for 4th article at Top Tenz. Working on 5th and 6th ones there as well.  Sent out 5 applications to 5 different companies. Working on revising my escapist pitches for other gaming related companies.

I think that I’ll need to start writing out a list of who gets what as soon as I am able to.

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Watched Dance of the Dead

This movie was okay. Special effects were somewhat laughable and probably not worth the time and energy put forth in the movie. Acting was sort of meh. It was not wooden, but was not good either.

How do I described the plot of the movie. Remember that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Buffy protected the high school dance from harm? Do you remember the show where Xander saved the gang from harm as well? Well that is pretty much this movie in a nutshell.

The nerds of the school, the ones that did not want to go to the dance or could not find dates are protecting the popular kids from a zombie infestation.  Not much else that could be said about this.

Beyond that: Some other News.

Just sent in a few applications to a few nerd culture sites.

Written a few more reviews for some things I watched.

Wrote an article about Kickstarter and its potential impact on Gaming as a whole.

Got paid for my fourth article at TopTenz, which will probably go online in a few months.

Spent time listening to podcasts.

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Recoil: a Western in Modern Clothing

I just got done watching Recoil. By far, it’s Steve Austin’s best performance in a movie. He sounded believable in this role as the vigilante looking for revenge. It also helps that the man that he is after is Danny Trejo, a man that looks evil no matter what role he is in.

While watching it, I realized how much of it was the old time western plot. Austin plays the lone gunman, a honorable sort that only kills the bad guys. The town that he comes to is off the beaten path, and is over taken by evil villains. The town’s sheriff is powerless to stop them. There is a little scuffle with a henchman that causes him to retaliate. He is captured by the bad guys and needs to get out. The white hat has a climatic showdown with the black hat

As soon as the town is rid of corruption, the lone gunman drives off not into the sunset, but to the next town that needs help.

I guess that I found a modern movie for my western movies project if I ever get it off the ground.

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