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Self Conscious again

Once again, probably because of the illness or because of the depression, I’m starting to feel self conscious about my writing. It could just very well be that i’m not as awesome as I thought I was.

This is the one thing that I’ve told my brother often that you should not be afraid of rejection. For most of the time, I’m not afraid of it. I live for it and I thrive off of it. I know that each rejection letter gets me one step closer to my overall goal of becoming a freelance writer.

Every thing in life is a learning experience and I still have a lot of learning to do.


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Footloose 2012

After seeing the 2012 Footloose remake last night, I honestly can’t see what the big deal is. Is it because it is a remake and therefore evil by existing? 

All in all it is not a movie to get worked up over. My complaint of the movie is that is too much like the original. While it did try to update some of the events, it did preserve most of the plot and remaking some of the iconic scenes in exacting detail. 

Also, while the inclusion of the songs from the first movie was a good move in my estimation, giving them a rockabilly twang does not work for me.

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