New Dr. Horrible Sequel

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, the project that Joss Whedon wrote in 2008 when the writers went on strike, is getting a sequel. It was a three episode wbe series chronicling the rise of Dr. Horrible to his prominence as one of the League of Villains.

Apparently, Whedon is working with all the people from the first series. Nathan Fillion, Niel Patrick Harris and Felicia Day are coming back for this version. I am not sure how, seeing that 1/3 of the cast died in it.

I probably would see it, because it is one of the few things Whedon did that is worth my time and energy. Not a fan of Firefly, Dollhouse, or Astonishing X-Men. Love Buffy, Angel, and Serenity.

That being said, I’d much rather see a  revised Dr. Horrible. I like the first one and I want to see the longer version, with two more acts and a more fleshed out scenario.

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