Useful, not wanted

When I get really tired, I tend to get really depressed. I do not know why that happens, but it does.  Right now, I am really not liking  where I’m at right now. I want to be any place other than here. It does not matter where it is. As long as I can get internet access so I can conduct my business, I should do fine.

my brother finds me useful. He told me that he needs me. He never said that he likes me, or tolerates me or anything of the sort. He needs me and that is about it.

I really have not learned how to cope with my emotions. I really have not.

So far, I’ve been looking for leads for writing. Now that my Linkedin profile has been updated, I can start requesting some of my friends and family as references.

Something positive,

15 articles at  Paid for 4th article at Top Tenz. Working on 5th and 6th ones there as well.  Sent out 5 applications to 5 different companies. Working on revising my escapist pitches for other gaming related companies.

I think that I’ll need to start writing out a list of who gets what as soon as I am able to.

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