Watched Dance of the Dead

This movie was okay. Special effects were somewhat laughable and probably not worth the time and energy put forth in the movie. Acting was sort of meh. It was not wooden, but was not good either.

How do I described the plot of the movie. Remember that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Buffy protected the high school dance from harm? Do you remember the show where Xander saved the gang from harm as well? Well that is pretty much this movie in a nutshell.

The nerds of the school, the ones that did not want to go to the dance or could not find dates are protecting the popular kids from a zombie infestation.  Not much else that could be said about this.

Beyond that: Some other News.

Just sent in a few applications to a few nerd culture sites.

Written a few more reviews for some things I watched.

Wrote an article about Kickstarter and its potential impact on Gaming as a whole.

Got paid for my fourth article at TopTenz, which will probably go online in a few months.

Spent time listening to podcasts.

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