Recoil: a Western in Modern Clothing

I just got done watching Recoil. By far, it’s Steve Austin’s best performance in a movie. He sounded believable in this role as the vigilante looking for revenge. It also helps that the man that he is after is Danny Trejo, a man that looks evil no matter what role he is in.

While watching it, I realized how much of it was the old time western plot. Austin plays the lone gunman, a honorable sort that only kills the bad guys. The town that he comes to is off the beaten path, and is over taken by evil villains. The town’s sheriff is powerless to stop them. There is a little scuffle with a henchman that causes him to retaliate. He is captured by the bad guys and needs to get out. The white hat has a climatic showdown with the black hat

As soon as the town is rid of corruption, the lone gunman drives off not into the sunset, but to the next town that needs help.

I guess that I found a modern movie for my western movies project if I ever get it off the ground.

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