Having fun Bainstorming

Right now, I am working on a Cracked.com idea. I need to write about a classroom inside a particular universe. I think that I could see two different universes. In one universe, I see that a history teacher is trying to teach U.S. History and he constantly changing his facts around and the one weird kid tries to keep up, but cannot.

The other thing to ponder is the Horror movie universe. What happens to high school athletics, and possibly college athletics in a place where the popular athletic types get killed in high numbers?

Other things to work on:

Also, I need to complete the Gurps alterations to the three scenarios I’ve written.

Get 5 applications out to various sites around the Internet.

Get a movie review done as well.

Find out what copyediting actually is and work on getting that done.

I’ll let you know how successful I am at all of that.

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