Interesting Week

So far, I’ve sold about 2 articles and are in the process of writing two more.

I’ve written about ten reviews for My first few articles were kind of shit, but I’m getting better at it. I’ve gotten better at the reviewing that I can base my entire review on playing the game for about eight hours

The biggest accomplishment is that I’ve ghost written an article for a frequently visited atheist site.

Also, I’ve pitched about 5 articles to the Escapist Magazine. I have to wait until they tell me they are not interested in the article until I take it somewhere else. I know that there is an market for them, but they do not fit the niche of the market.

I still need to learn the fine art of self editing.I am getting better at that, but right now I have a lot of work to do.

Oh well, pretty soon, I am going to get further in it. It might start off slow, but eventually I will have my freelance writing career I always wanted.

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